Sand Cores

Our "Core Business" is manufacturing quality sand cores,
so you can concentrate on what you do best, pouring castings.

Sand Cores 10-day Lead Time

  • Four processes to serve your every need: Shell, ISO Set, Warm Box and Pep Set
  • Gas line prototyping jobs
  • Core weights from ounces up to 100 lbs, Pep set .5 to 2000 lbs.
  • Drying and spraying booth — Dip, brush or spray
  • Core wash
  • Vein seal — Additive systems for ISO Set
  • Core assemblies
  • Effective packaging solutions
  • Air-ride semi-trailer deliveries

Plus, we maintain strong ties with pattern shops so we can provide customers with any tooling and repairing needs.


Alliance Industries Benefits

  • Pay only for the cores — no scrap or waste
  • Free up manufacturing floor space
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Utilize manpower cost effectively
  • Increase response time-turn time
  • Control inventory, just in time delivery

Put our processes and machines to work for you

Alliance Industries, Inc., Waupaca facility has four distinctive core making processes: Shell, Warm Box, ISOSET and Pep Set.  Our core machines and core making capabilities allow us to manufacture cores from ounces to hundreds even thousands of pounds.

Shell Process

Best Cosmetics & Indefinite Shelf Life

Shell cores are made using a resin-coated sand that is blown into heated core machines. The cores cure and become rigid due to the reaction between the resin and heat. The cores are yellow in color and the hollow shell that forms the core gives it its name. Shell cores provide the best cosmetics, shakeout and dimensional tolerance of all the core processes. Shell cores can be stored at high temperatures in humid conditions and have an indefinite shelf life. Our core machines are capable of handling almost any size core box and we offer multiple blends of sand to manufacture cores to fit the unique needs of the foundry.

ISOSET Process

Intricate Hard-to-Fill or Thin Wall Sections

This very efficient and versatile system brings together ISOSET binders and SO2 gasses to cure the cores. This makes possible the manufacturing of intricate cores at an extremely high rate. Vertical and horizontal parting offers flexibility in core design and is the key to maximizing core production. The result is a dense and dimensionally accurate core, which is easy to shake out. The benefit to the foundry is the ability to produce a casting with hard to fill or thin wall sections with the dimensional tolerances specified.

Warm Box Process

Excellent Hot & Cold Tensile Strengths

In the Warm Box process the core box is warm when the core sand is introduced. The warmth of the core box initiates curing but does not complete it. The cores finish curing outside the core box and sometimes in a separate dryer. This process allows for faster core production cycles than the Shell Box process. The operating temperature in Warm Box is lower, which can extend the life of the tooling. Warm Box cores have excellent hot and cold tensile strengths.

Pep Set Process

Gas-Defect Free Castings with Weights from 0.5 - 2,000 pounds

Cores or molds bonded with Pep Set binders produce castings that are sound, gas defect-free, with an excellent surface finish. The Pep Set process is used to produce larger cores and molds but it offers the flexibility to make any size core or mold. The tooling used in the Pep Set process is usually more cost effective than tooling in other core processes. This process enables us to produce core weights from .5 to 2000 pounds.

"Alliance Industries has proven to be very responsive to our needs and has constantly demonstrated proactive approaches to add bottom line value."

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